Founded in August of 2013  by 
Dr. Michelle Kuster D.O.  a Board Certified 
Physician with over 15 yrs practice 
experience. Our mission at All Access Care 
is to promote the health and well-being of those in Mason and surrounding Counties.  We provide quality care that is more AFFORDABLE AND ACCESSIBLE for all patients. 
We are unique in that unlike most medical offices we do not process any insurance. This model allows us then to bypass the middle man (MR INSURANCE) and pass the savings onto you.  We have transparency in pricing unlike all other medical models.  We can tell you at the time of your visit what the cost will be, there is no fine print.....just a small cost, again unlike most other models who have high overhead and unaffordable prices.  
All Access Care was founded to serve the healthcare needs of our community.  We provide service in the area of chronic medical conditions for those who have no insurance or no healthcare provider. We provide service to many local and regional companies for corporate wellness and workers compensation.  Other needs that we serve are with a subxone program for those who struggle with addiction.  Our goal is your well being ! 
Let us care for your Healthcare,  
Dr. Michelle Kuster DO 


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